Reasons for you to setup an offshore company in Dubai

With the passage of time, Dubai has emerged as a global business hub. Companies across the world are interested in establishing their presence in Dubai. This is because of the countless advantages that setting up a business here has to offer. To begin with, not only does it boast of its strategic location, Dubai also has an open and diversified market that is known to have gained exponential growth in the past few years. It is for reasons such as these that it has grown to become such a lucrative investment destination for investors based across the world. Still not convinced? Let’s give you a few more reasons to consider this option.

When it comes to business entity options, there are several for foreign investors to choose from. These include:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Free zone company
  • Professional firms
  • Offshore company
  • Joint venture etc.

Amongst the multiple options available, the formation of an offshore company in the UAE is considered as one that offers the most benefits possible.

The benefits you can gain by forming a UAE offshore company

As we all know, businesses are established with the sole purpose of gaining long-term profits. For the record, Dubai has fast emerged as a lucrative destination as it offers enormous financial rewards in the long run. To make things more interesting, an offshore company registration in Dubai has a lot more to offer other than financial gains. A few of the other benefits that you will reap by setting up your business in Dubai are:

  • As an offshore company established in the UAE, it will be possible for you to retain 100% ownership of your business
  • Offshore companies remain rather ‘private’ and it is possible for business to be conducted while remaining anonymous
  • There is no need at all for offshore companies to have an office based in UAE. This means that it will be possible for you to conduct business in virtual form.
  • With a faster incorporation process, offshore companies tend to get registered faster
  • Owners of offshore companies are allowed to open corporate bank accounts, that too in multiple currencies

With all of these benefits, the establishment of an offshore company is highly recommended for those who want to setup new business in Dubai. If you are interested in making a foreign investment, then make sure that you consider setting up your business in Dubai for the long-term benefits that it will help you reap.