Easy Party Planning Tips for Busy People

You wake up early for work; you need to meet someone in the afternoon; you need to attend to your family at night. Your entire week is fully booked. The worst case is your big day is coming and you’re running out of time for preparation. What to do?


Hang on there because some expert party planners in Dubai prepared easy party planning tips for you.


Start finalizing the basics.

Try to finalize the what, when, who and where of your party during break time, while eating or while you’re on the road. Determine the purpose of the party, the date of the event, and the number of the invited people. You should also start listing down the possible venues for the event. It’s hard to proceed to the other steps without finalizing the foundational details.


Book the venue and the caterer once you’ve finalized the basics.

After determining your preferred venues, call them and verify the availability of the venue on the date of your event. You can also ask if they offer catering services or if they can recommend some caterers. If you don’t have time for food tasting, read some reviews online about the caterers you’re eyeing for.


Opt for digital invitations.

Unless your guests are VIP, you can invite them through social media and other digital platforms. Design an invitation that includes all the important details of the party and send them to your potential invites. For guests who don’t own social media accounts, you can call or message them on their mobile numbers.


Think and decide about other details if you can.

If you still have time to brainstorm about themes, program flow, special guests, performers, games, etc. then do so. If it would take you so much time to decide, we suggest that you follow our next tip.


Call a friend or two.

This option is not just for the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” It also makes wonders in preparing a party. Call a friend or two and let them find solutions for the remaining details of your event. They can call your emcee, make the games, finalize the program flow, send other invitations, etc. Don’t forget to express your gratitude afterwards since it would take them so much effort to help you prepare for the party.


If you’re too busy to follow the tips we mentioned above, then hire party planners.

Party planners are experts in this field. You can just give them the basic information and they could work on their own. You’ll be surprised with what they can do for your party. They can even hire party entertainers in Dubai to make your party more fun and extra special.