A Timeline of Scandals of Porsche

The full name of Porsche is Dr-ING H.C.F Porsche AG and it is a car manufacturing company in Germany and they basically manufacture sedans and SUVs. The founder of Porsche is Ferdinand Porsche and it was founded in April 25, 1931 in Stuttgart and, in the same place, it has its headquarters. You will be surprised to know that its parent company is VW group – Porsche is owned by VW. That is why, you can see Volkswagen service center in Al Quoz and Porsche servicing in Dubai with the same services. You will be amazed to know that a big company like VW, they have tons of rumors and scandals and that is why Porsche also has many. Below, you will see a timeline of scandals and rumors of Porsche and most of the scandals are regarding diesel fraud.

2007: EU announced a rule that all car makers should stop the use of a software named as defeat device that does changes in the exhaust emission system.

2011: the European Commission Joint Research saw that the use of the software is not applied yet and they also found out that the levels of harmful NOx (nitrogen dioxide) is increasing in the air and that is more than 14 times the normal. And that is because of the use of the software.

2014: a study done by ICCT (international council on clean transportation) that such cars were sold in the U.S.

2015 September: the EPA (environmental protection agency) accused VW for installing this software. The shocking thing is that VW admits the accuse but they refused to give out any information to the public. And it showed that at least half a million cars were used and running in the U.S. VW admitted that they installed this software in more than two million cars and including in Porsche.

2015 October: many states including France said that they investigate this matter and they all had a theory that may be VW and its subsidiaries were involved in a diesel fraud.

2015 November: the company clearly said they never thought they would get in such kind of issue.

2015 December: VW was sued by the U.S. Department of Justice and all of its subsidiaries regarding the use of diesel emission.