History of Grenada

Below are the reasons, facts, and circumstances under which Grenada has become an independent state that countries all around the world recognize and feel the urge to develop international relations with peace and comfort. Click this site to read more about Grenada citizenship by investment. These facts, reasons, and circumstances that will help you see and study the history of Grenada through my words are in the section below:

  1. Before the 14th Century, the Caribs have settled the infrastructure of Grenada, as they have done it through displacing the population of Arawaks. Therefore, Christopher Columbus has visited the island back in 1498 and has given it the name Conception.
  2. After some years have passed, the Spaniards have visited the Conception and have named it after Grenada, therefore, the settlement by Europeans have been slow because the Caribs have stood against the settlement of Europeans as it was the fierce resistance of the people of Grenada, as well as, the Caribs who have stood against the movement led by both the French and the Europeans against the working infrastructure of the Grenada government.
  3. However, Grenada was flourishing under the jurisdiction of the French government in 1753, therefore, they have established more than 100 sugar mills, and more than 12,000 Africans were enslaved under the jurisdiction of the French government.
  4. Therefore, Britain have taken over France in 1763 by using the Treaty of Paris and have lost control in 1783 by using the Treaty of Versailles.
  5. After taking the possession from France, Britain has introduced the cultivation of cacao, cotton, and nutmeg, however, by the time of the emancipation of slaves in 1883, the population of slaves have reached a landmark of 24,000 approximately. 
  6. The people of Grenada were enslaved and were in dire need of political movement that can give them a new hope of freeing themselves from the possession of both France and Britain, therefore, Eric Mathew Garry is the first person who has formed the first political party named as the pro-union, pro-independence Grenada United Labor Party.
  7. This has led to the independence of Grenada in 1974 by using the movement of the political parties that have stood against the possessions of both the French and Britain respectively.
  8. Grenada has become independent and has recognized as the constitutional monarchy in 1974.