How to Get Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

Being a citizen of your country is a privilege but being a citizen of more than one country is an entitlement in many ways. When you got old enough to get your identity card, you had to submit a lot of documents to prove that you were born here and from where your parents are as well. It might have taken a lot of time as well to answer each and every question and then finally waiting for your nationality card to get delivered at home. Consider that if you have gotten the ID card, it has great power and you will have a great responsibility.

Countries from around the world sale their nationality for specific country people and they do this either to promote their country of if they face different financial problems and want different investors to come and invest to create job opportunities and stable the fluctuation. There are countries which have very less currency rate and you can get their citizenship fast and easily. One of them is Antigua and Barbuda, they are open investor visas. They have made is option available because they face a lot of devastation due to the hurricane in 2017. And due to this they have made their citizenship programs easy and the cheapest in the Caribbean.

You can get their citizenship by investment program within 3 to 4 months where you can also call you children who are above or are 26 years of age and parents or grandparents who are 65 years of age. The benefit of getting their citizenship is that the citizens are applicable to paying taxes on local or international income, they don’t even have to pay estate taxes. You don’t have to travel again and again to Antigua and Barbuda to get their citizenship. There are 365 beaches on this island which means you can see a new beach every day for the whole year.

Big celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Eric Clapton have purchased many properties there and if you get the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, you can also get a property there and it is easy and fast. It’s like just pay and get. But make sure to read all the terms and conditions easily. If you get this country’s nationality, you will have free entry to 140 countries.