Facts about teeth whitening

A star-studded smile is everyone’s dream. However, there are a few facts you must not be aware of regarding teeth whitening. Even if you get the best teeth whitening done, the facts associated remain the same.

You can see here now, all that you need to know about teeth whitening.

No Damage Done to your Teeth

The excruciating tooth pain is familiar to all of us. Aggressive brushing or rubbing of anything on the teeth will damage them as they are sensitive. Tooth whitening, on the other hand, is a safe method to open the pores and extricate the stains from them. You won’t experience any pain or damage done to your string of pearls.

A Tingling Sensation

After the process of teeth whitening, you may experience a little tingling sensation which is normal. The temporary dehydration insulates the nerve. You will feel better after a few hours. People go for fluoride treatment after the teeth whitening procedure to maintain the teeth.


Pores are part and parcel of everything in this world. Teeth too have pores, where all the stains settle. There are teeth whitening gels, that are absorbed into the pores and help in removing the stains.

Laser whitening temporary

Although the laser whitening treatment shows quick results, it comes with its own stack of drawbacks. The effects last quickly and you end up going for it again. Also, people with sensitivity issues would not find it as an ideal method to whiten their teeth.

Whiten them before bed time

The pores remain open for a certain period after the whitening treatment. This makes them susceptible to stains. Therefore, using whitening products and gel before you sleep is preferable, as you don’t consume anything while you sleep.

Tooth enamel remains intact

Your tooth enamel is safe. Just don’t let the gel remain on your teeth for longer than recommended.

Teeth Whitening is not for everyone

Desiring celebrity smile is common, but not everyone can opt for teeth whitening treatment. There are people who have severe gum diseases, and they cannot undergo the whitening treatment. Similarly, women who are breastfeeding or pregnant cannot have teeth whitening treatments.

Different products have different intensities

The teeth whitening products vary from each other in intensities. You cannot leave all of them on your teeth for the same time. Some are stronger than the others which can leave your teeth grey instead of the white colour you want.